Reiki is a beautiful healing art based on the philosophy that “Ki” (electromagnetic energy) supports the body's inherent self-healing capabilities. Reiki Practitioners seek to access and re-direct this energy, allowing it to flow to the body. This induces a deep state of relaxation that facilitates the healing process. The body begins to cleanse and restore its balance at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels....Read More


Kinesiology is a blend of Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies and techniques that help to identify blocks in the Meridian system which can present in the mental, emotional or physical bodies as imbalances.

Oracle Card Readings

When life becomes complicated, typically we can figure things out for ourselves either on our own or with the help of our loved ones. Every now and then, our usual coping mechanisms fall short though. Perhaps we don't feel we can talk to those around us or we feel so off balance we find it difficult to process the situation and/or connect to our intuition. In these instances we’re left feeling clouded and begging for a little nudge in the right direction.... Read More

Signature Soul Space

A Signature Soul Space™ is a space or room that’s been energetically manipulated through the careful arrangement and selection of the items within it, to increase wellbeing and/or evoke a particular emotion or mental state.... Read More

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