Jan 22, 2017

! Still on a high 3 hours later 😁 I was blessed enough to have hung out with these gorgeous souls today and honoured to witness them stepping into their power. They cleared, healed, invoked and manifested deeply, gracefully and with love👌🏼I received the message below not long ago and as you can see, the energy is still flowing 💜

"So much gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom and healing and spreading that love to so many others that they may spread it even further. I was at the bus stop after we finished today and was watching all the beautiful women driving away, taking their light and healing with them like beacons throughout the world. Beautiful Xöx"

#Reiki #SoundBath #CrystalBowls #Manifestation #Healing #Invoke #OracleCards #OracleCardReadings #Meditation #Visualisation #Love #Grace #EnergyClearing #EnergyHealing #Gratitude

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