This last month has seen the Universe strip away distractions, blindfolds, toxicity and what felt like a faulty navigation

Oct 1, 2017

It's been a long time since I've found myself in this position. Normally, I would've resisted it, walking with resentment and complaint.... this time I chose to surrender, accepting this new direction and sitting in gratitude for the wake up call as I dance my way forward. Those closest to me have asked why and how I'm not falling apart... initially I almost did. I found myself running old programming of panic and fear. Then I took a step back, looked for the blessings, looked for the purpose and chose TRUST... trust in myself, trust in the Universe, my Guides, in the love that surrounds me and IS me... trust in my Soul's chosen experiences - even when they aren't pretty. Moving through life from this place creates peace among the chaos, allows for full alignment of heart and mind and empowers the soul. Which area of your life could benefit from a little more trust today? 💜⠀

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