The spiritual path does not require us to forget who we are, it needs us to use the contrast to maximise our human

Nov 5, 2016

.. and I'll forever love that Hip Hop is a big part of mine 💜✌🏼️🎵

Reposting @sticrbg:
"Pretty accurate description of a normal days convo with me.
We go from the gritty to the infinite back from the cosmos to the concrete in one swoop.

Yin and Yang, Street and Universal, passion and compassion.

The Balance.
It's waking up, doing 50 push ups on ya knuckles, cleaning ya glock and then meditating and doing chi Gung in the same day.

It's like Oakland Medicinal Kush.
Hella Strong but for Healing Uses.

It's keeping it real and bending reality.

It's the 7 day Killuminati Theory + The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

It's like Master P and Sri Chinmoy building on the fact that there really is No limit

It's the nature of consciousness to be never ignorant getting goals accomplished.

It's Thich Nhat Hanh in an Outlawz skully.

It's screaming love all y'all in Swahili!

It's the thug life and the
Cosmic mind

It's the inhale and the exhale

The in hell and the excel

It's the oneness that connects us all -Stic" -----------
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