It's 3:

Oct 16, 2016

23pm here in Oz and we are officially at the peak of the Full Moon in Aries energy 🌕 This month is the first of a Trilogy of what Astrologists call a "Super Moon" which is a New or Full Moon that is at it's closest to the earth throughout its cycle (Astronomer's call this a Perigee).

Although the peak of the Full Moon energy just hit now, the Perigee will happen at 10:46am tomorrow when the moon will be at its closest at 357,860km away from the earth 🌏

This of course enhances the affects of the Full Moon on your energy field and that of others so it's like extended Full Moon energy. As always, the affect is different for everyone so stay connected to how you're feeling and if you need to balance with the energies ground or connect with nature 💜

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