Hot off the heels of the New Moon I'm implementing some changes to love, honour and connect with myself on the daily.

Jun 28, 2017

Today I did my first walking meditation during my commute to The MindBody College this morning. I went into deep trance and a state of gratitude as I worked with forgiveness and manifestation. It changed my experience of travelling on Sydney trains entirely. Everything and everyone appeared to be moving in slow motion.

Meditation as you know, is a wonderful tool that gives us access to our ultimate potential and the ancient power of the soul. Leaning recently about Self-Hypnosis has really boosted my practice.

I resisted for a long time insisting with myself that I needed the right space, seat, clothing ... to "really" connect. How silly! 😂 We are always connected, nothing ever stands in our way except for ourselves! Happy to have collapsed this belief now!

What is your meditation practice like and where was the craziest or loudest place you ever meditated?

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