Happy Mother's Day 🌺

May 14, 2017

Today can be tough on many. From watching all the anazing women I'm surrounded by and having watched my own Mum do her best I don't have to be a Mum myself to know this is a tough gig and this labour of love, of life giving, comes with heartache and loss too. Whatever your situation is, whether you are celebrating your birth mother, remembering her or honouring Mother Earth herself, playing with your kids or grieving their loss... today is for you too.

Likewise if you had a Mum or are Mum that just doesn't have the tools or know-how to be the Mother you need to be/have... please know, that no matter what has transpired you are loved by your Mother/children. It may not be pretty, however at the deepest soul level there is a being there who loves you and serves you in this life by helping you live out the lessons you signed up for and bringing forth parts of you that have shaped you into the wonderful person you are today 💜

Happy Mother's Day to all the gorgeous Mums out there... both on this plane and across the veil, the ones winging it and the ones doing the best they can. May you feel honoured, uplifted and loved 💜

- #MothersDay #Mum #MotherEarth #Gaia #SoulContracts #SacredContracts #Motherhood #Love #Celebration #Healing #Spirituality

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