May 28, 2017

Both are equally important for my wellbeing and heart ❤️ We are all "beings of light" and we are also our human expression. Too often I see those on the spiritual path reject their human aspects. Embracing the history of our origin in this form can make for a deeper connection with self and all that is, it can be a spiritual experience in and of itself. Even the act of bearing witness to that connection of what the soul chose to experience was enlightening. Watching my husband rediscover parts of himself as he activated his ancestral DNA codes was deeply moving and I'm so grateful that I got to both see that and take part in his experience. I can't wait to explore this beautiful country further 💜

- #Guatemala #Mountains #Nature #MotherNature #Gaia #Clouds #Connection #Ancestory #Family #Love #Healing #Spirituality #Trees #Mist #DNACodes #HumanExpression #Soul

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