Jan 11, 2017

Here's a snippet from this month's forecast...

♥︎ Main Issue or Focus for the Month ♥︎
It seems fitting Mercury Retrograde has slowed me down enough to get this out to you today. A day most would consider to be the REAL beginning of the year and next 9 year cycle! And so of course it is no surprise that we should be asked to focus on our heart of hearts as it pertains to the next year and cycle.

How much of this first week has aligned? And how much of it has just been more of the same? How much of the energy you wish to experience have you really called in and embodied? How many of the goals you've set are you really excited about and dedicated to? What needs to change?

As we enter into this new time period our Soul Contracts come forward to be confirmed, renewed or dissolved. Whether you know it or not, a spiritual tribunal is taking place. Your spiritual team is meeting with that of others (and has been for quite some time). You have a choice now. You can surrender in full faith and leave this up to your team to handle or you can take an active role in creating, establishing and redefining the boundaries of your experience. Both paths demand you take responsibility as with either one, you are choosing and co-creating.

This is the time for the NEW... new destinations or new paths to get there. So this month, get CRYSTAL clear about what you want and commit to it wholeheartedly. There is no room for indecision, flakiness or half-hearts.

♥︎ How to Best Heal This Over the Next 31 Days ♥︎
Do you know where your weaknesses lie? Do you embrace them? Or do you hide them and pretend they aren't there? Perhaps you handle them with indifference and ignore them altogether? Whatever the case (even if you have mastered them), this month your weaknesses are indeed your strengths. Awareness is a powerful tool on its own but coupled with aligned and heart-centred action you have a force to be reckoned with.

This is not necessarily Shadow Work but rather, simply being practical and realistic enough to acknowledge where you need to act and how to make these New Year changes stick for 2017 and beyond.

Again, we ask you... what needs to change? Break this down into the daily actions behind each thing you think of... all the way down to the tiniest one. Start there ♥︎... and don't forget you will be guided and supported along the way. You are stronger than you think and worthy of all there is to have and experience in this world. Step bravely into this new time with confidence and go after the life you want!


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