🌹 H A P P Y • V A L E N T I N E S • D A Y 🌹

Feb 14, 2017

I'm receiving lots of feedback from you guys that this month's forecast is well and truly in effect in your lives right now. I have to say, it is in mine too. Boundaries are a big deal for me right now and showing up in every area of my life. I'm finding each day I'm forced to look at how I establish (or don't establish) them. As a result of that and my attempts to recalibrate and bring about equilibrium, a small power struggle usually ensues. Sometimes it's OK and feels more like an adjustment, sometimes it's more passive aggressive and other times it turns fully aggressive. This is all quite normal. You will be shown the full range of how this plays out so you have the opportunity to master each one. Staying focused on the goal of realigning and establishing boundaries will keep you from losing yourself in any resulting drama. Just don't feed it. You might wonder why this is my Valentines Day post and the answer is quite simple. Loving yourself enough to ensure you have what you need and want in your life is one of the best ways to embrace today. If you are in a relationship, loving yourself and taking care of yourself is vital to invoking and maintaining balance. Likewise if you're still looking for someone to compliment you in life, there is no better way to attract the right mate than to love, accept and honour yourself entirely 💜🌹

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