Are Oracle Cards different from Tarot?

Yes. Oracle decks do not have cards like The Tower, The Devil, Death or The Hanged Man which tend to cause fear or anxiety (despite their symbolic and not literal meaning). Oracle cards are more gentle in their delivery and aim to offer you guidance through positive imagery and words as they pertain to your CURRENT situation. Tarot cards are geared to provide insight way into the future/past and are of a more specific nature. Oracle Cards ensure you only receive the information you need so you remain empowered and make your own decisions.

Are you psychic or are you reading my mind?

I don’t read minds (although that would be a pretty cool part trick!). I’m what is known as Clairsentient and Claircognizant which means I receive messages through emotional feelings, thought and an inner knowing. I will only receive those messages based on your needs in that specific moment in time. If it is not helpful to you for me to know your past, then it will not be shown to me.

Will you tell me bad news or scary information in my reading?

No, readings are never fear based nor can they ever be negative since the philosophy they are built on views every challenge as a learning opportunity. They focus solely on bringing you the guidance you seek and presenting both sides of the coin.

I’m scared of bad energy or spirits. Should I be concerned?

Not at all. I hold only the purest of intentions which act as a safeguard against anything negative. The space, deck and myself are cleansed before each reading and only those energies which will act according to your highest good are invited to the enter the space.

Do I have to believe in Angels, Guides or the Higher-Self to receive a reading?

No, your beliefs will not effect the reading.

How can a reading help me?

Oracle Cards provide clarity and show you the positive of every obstacle. When doing so, they also provide clear steps on how to release any unhealthy thought patterns or behaviors which may be affecting areas of your life. Through this awareness deep healing and transformation can be found.

How long does it take?

Depending on your situation, question and readiness to receive, readings can run from anywhere between 10 minutes to over an hour.

What can I expect from a reading and what is my role?

1. With an open heart and mind, you will need to grant me permission to read for you. This will allow me to receive messages on your behalf.

2. Together we will set our intentions for the reading.

3. Depending on your beliefs, you may ask a question directly to me or to your guides, higher-self or the cards themselves. If you do not wish to state your question or do not have one, that is more than OK - of course any information you provide will help me to better interpret the messages for you.

4. Based off of the information provided at step 3, I will create a custom spread to best help you and pick the cards for your reading.

5. I will go through each card one by one interpreting their meaning and how it applies to you or your question. We will take time after each card to discuss in detail if you wish.

6. We will review the cards until all messages are clear and then compile them into one overarching message. At this time most people disclose how they feel about their reading. This is an important part of the process as it usually unearths questions. More often than not, it will also lead to a plan of action and/or helps us to piece together the new perspective you came looking for.

What kind of things can I ask about?

Almost anything you like! Relationships, career, emotional health, decision making and general guidance.

Is there anything I cannot or should not ask?

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you next week’s lottery numbers! If you’re seeking advice regarding medical conditions, legal issues, psychological disorders, financial matters, or investment opportunities it is OK to ask but any information given during a reading should not replace or supersede advice from a qualified professional.

I have my own cards and/or am intuitive too, why should I get a reading?

In the face of adversity the best of us can feel disconnected. Sometimes healing needs to occur before we can confidently read for ourselves again. If you are not in this space, then you most likely don’t need a reading. If you are in this space, I would recommend a simple reading with another reader. Sometimes the act of having someone else hold space is all it takes to reconnect and get you going again.

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