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Our Approach

At Pali, we've found that every perceived challenge can be an opportunity to flourish and evolve.

We believe the secret to healing, wellbeing and vitality is found through balancing the energy within and around us, leveraging our intuition and realising our innate power.

With this understanding, we use ancient & modern techniques to support healing, empower alignment and inspire growth helping you move toward a heart and soul centred life that leaves you smiling and full long after our work is done.


Our Ethos

Like the Sun’s warm rays gently nourishing a beautiful heart-shaped Bodhi Leaf, Pali was founded on the humble intent to bring a little more light into people's lives.

Pali shares its name with the sacred language by which the earliest Buddhist scriptures were written, a reminder to honor its commitment to authenticity, growth and compassion.

Through the healing arts, we aim to support you as you heal, align and grow. Whether you're looking to begin your healing journey, are seeking guidance or simply need to relax and unwind, Pali can help. Our offerings are available in Sydney and via distance.

If you'd like to stay up to date as we release new services, announce special events or visits to your town, you can join our community below.


Jimena has spent most of her life working with energy to support healing, alignment and growth for herself and others. She is a Certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, with direct lineage and a Certified Angel/Oracle Card Reader as well as a qualified Coach, Hypnotherapist and Kinesiologist. She has studied and apprenticed under some of the very best in her fields including Lorraine Meyer (USA) and famed Hay House authors to name a few.

Jimena loves to share her knowledge, gifts and expertise with others to empower and support them through their journey into healing and/or growth. Her love of the esoteric began at an early age when she discovered she was Clairsentient and Claircognizant.

Born into a family of natural healers who love emphatically, Jimena grew up with a continually sound example of how to hold space for others. Additionally, her older brother who was born with Down Syndrome, has been one of her greatest teachers. He has provided Jimena with rare insights into what it means to be undeniably present and the embodiment of unconditional love.

As a young adult she found herself on her own healing journey and re-discovering ancient wisdoms. She went on to apply her techniques and knowledge to support many as they’ve dealt with a range of emotions and physical ailments.

Jimena credits these experiences with allowing her to embrace her calling and helping her understand the potential causes of dis-ease, the healing process and the gifts the Universe has given us to return to our natural state of balance, joy and abundance.

These gifts have cultivated a deep sense of unconditionality, empathy and compassion that shaped Jimena’s life, all of which led her to found Pali Healing Arts with the aim of continuing to help others.

With an open heart, Jimena humbly invites you to experience the wonders of the healing arts!

To hear what Jimena’s clients say and feel about her and her services, visit the REVIEWS page.

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